Re: A Report to the Prime Minister by ASTEC, prepared by the Technological Change Committee -1986 (A.1.15)

In 1971, the Centre for Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown University (USA) assigned a group of informatics specialists to develop a system of surveillance of all citizens in a manner neither obvious nor intrusive; their recommendation was a national EFTPOS system. A vivid illustration of the way in which this would work was foreseen, perhaps playfully, in 1974.



SUBJECT: John Q Public

4 Home Street, Anywhere, USA, Male.

Age - 40, Married. Electrical Engineer.



Wall Street Journal. $1.00

Breakfast - $ 2.25

Gasoline - $ 8.00

Phone (111 1234) $ 25.00

Phone (222 5678) $ 25.00

Lunch, $4.00;

Cocktail $ 1.50

Bank (cash withdrawal) $ 200.00

Lingerie - $135.67

Phone (111 8769) $ 00,45

Phone (869 1111l) $ 00.80

Bourbon - $ 12.53

Boston Glohe - $ 00.50



Owns stock (90% probability)

Heavy starchbreakfast.,probably overweight. Bought $6.00 gasoline. Owns VW. So far this week subject has bought $25.00 worth of gasoljne. Obviously doing something besides driving 9 miles to work, Bought gasoline at 7,57am at gas station 6 miles from work. Subjectprobably late for work. Third such occurrence this week. Phone No 1111234 belongs toJ oe Book, Book was arrested for illegal book-making In 1970,1978, and 1982. No convictions.

Phone No 222 5676 belongs to expensive men's barber shop specialising in hair restoration. Drinks during lunch. Withdrew $200.00 cash. Very unusual since all legal purchases can be made using Unifoml Federal Funds Transfer Card. Cash usually used for illegal purchases. Bought very expensive lingerie. Not his wife's size.

Phone No III 8769 belong to Jane Doe. Phone No 869 1111. Reservations for Las Vegas (without Wife). Third trip in last three months toLas Vegas (without wife). No job related firms in Las Vegas. Will scan file to see if anyone has gone to Las Vega, at the same time and compare to subject's phone call numbers.

Purcha<;ed Bourbon.The third bottle bought this month: indicating either heavy drinker or much entertaining,


Subject left work at 4.00pm since he purchased Bourbon 1 mile from his job at 4.10 pm (opposite direction from home). Subject bought newspaper at 6.30 near his house. Unaccountable 2.5 hours. Subject made 3 purchases today from young blondes. (Statistical 1 chance in 78). Probably has weaknessfor young blondes. (Jane Doe is a young blonde).